Sanne Luna Photography


Golden Oasis stands for ethical, precious, and effortless jewellery; faithful to a sustainable view of life. Golden Oasis’ passion goes beyond jewellery as they dream about being able to create moments and memories of joy, inspire bonds and strengthen relationships sealed with your jewellery.

This concept required branding that could translate a rich narrative of natural elements, communicated through bohemian photo & videography

Capturing purity, authenticity and the connection in everlasting bonds whilst balancing natural aesthetic. Transposing recognition and appreciation into the eternity of the jewellery. 

To evoke the sense of a young carefree bohemian woman rooted under the sun in a bygone era I chose a location that reflects these elements combined with natures gift of stunning scenery.

In order to create the perfect setting with distinctive casting and an idyllic setting, I scouted the models and stylist. 

A natural setting was created to enhance the wearer’s features in combination with the natural elements processed in the jewellery. All the elements combined made the perfect picture for this story.


We started the campaign with a mutual brainstorm and discussed all possibilities. I really appreciated all the input, ideas and involvement from Sanne. Sanne took care of everything starting from the concept to the model scouting, styling, photo- and videography. The result is a total dream!