Sanne Luna Photography


Let’s get behind the camera, it’s time to introduce myself! My name is Sanne, but better known as Sanne Luna. Here in Spain they find Luna a lot easier, and for that reason I do too. I am a Dutch photographer based in Ibiza, Spain. I left the Netherlands to capture love under the Spanish sun. My specialty is destination weddings in Ibiza – & beyond.


Ibiza photographer - behind the camera

To sum myself up. Photographer Ibiza, to be precise ; a Dutch wedding photographer. A dog person. Crazy about wedding cakes (!), sunsets, deep conversations and my home island Ibiza. Also, a professional third wheel and a sucker for love stories… 


Chasing my dream in Ibiza

I am all about going after your dreams. One of my favorite sayings; ” Always shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars.”

I studied Entrepreneurship & business and within 6 months of getting my bachelor degree – I decided to follow my heart and move to Ibiza! I’ve always felt an intense connection with Ibiza, even before I set foot on the island. But I will tell you more about my love for Ibiza in another post.

When I am  not looking through a lens, you can find me supping on my paddle board or going for a hike. I love enjoying a good dinner and watching the sunset.


Before living in Ibiza I lived in Barcelona -Barceloneta to be precise (I still love that place!) – & Valencia.

As a child, I always talked and dreamed about living abroad. I’ve always been ambitious. From an early age, I’ve always had a lot of interest in traveling, and I wanted to discover other parts of the world. I am still crazy about traveling; that is why I love my job so much. Shooting destination weddings in the most magical places of this earth makes me feel like this job is made just for me. 


My very own love story

As I love hearing all your love stories, I am also gonna share mine. A couple of years ago I met Tony. Our first date was at Museumplein in Amsterdam. We talked for 8 hours straight (from 2pm until 10 pm to be precise). We lost total track of time and still needed to go for dinner (in Spain this would be a normal time to go out for dinner, in the Netherlands some kitchens will already be closed).

 It was an immediate soul connection. I’ve never experienced something like that before, and believe I never will again. Everything just fits. We share the same dreams and values in life. We think big and follow our hearts. We started with self-development around the same time and grow together, as persons but also as a couple.

When I met him, he just came back from a work assignment where he had lived in Barcelona for about six months. A couple of months later we moved to Barcelona together.

We built our own dream lives here in Ibiza and will be traveling a lot as well. Next January we will travel through Thailand for about five weeks. We’re high on life. We love to work hard, but also love to enjoy the beauty of this earth.

I am forever grateful for the life that I’ve built and the person that I get to share this with.